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make: Volvo
model: XC70
full model name: XC70 2.5T AWD
year: 2005
fuel type: gasoline + LPG
engine volume: 2500 ccm
engine power: 154 kW
transmission: Automatic and number of gears: 5
drive_type: AWD or 4x4 - All Wheel Drive
body_style: off-road/SUV
track fuel: litres (for gasoline, diesel and LPG) / kilogram (for CNG) / kilowatt (for electric)
odometer: kilometres
vehicle name: XC70
vehicle description:
tank volume: 70 litres
your units:

Total distance: 1421.8 kilometres
Total volume: 206.19 litres
Average consumption: 14.43 L/100km
Total fuel cost: 103.419 EUR

Total distance: 1500 kilometres
Total volume: 22.86 litres
Average consumption: 0 L/100km
Total fuel cost: 26.319 EUR

Fuel typeDateOdometerTripVolumePrice per unitPrice sumConsumption
LPG2016-01-08 13:13:00192065 kilometres436.7 kilometres67.28 litres0.4987 EUR33.5515 EUR15.41 L/100km
gasoline2016-01-01 18:55:00191628 kilometres1500 kilometres22.86 litres1.1513 EUR26.3191 EUR1.52 L/100km
LPG2016-01-01 18:54:00191628 kilometres180.5 kilometres35.71 litres0.5171 EUR18.4658 EUR19.78 L/100km
LPG2016-01-01 11:46:00191447 kilometres164.1 kilometres17.1 litres0.5171 EUR8.8425 EUR10.42 L/100km
LPG2015-12-27 17:41:00191283 kilometres237 kilometres30 litres0.5132 EUR15.3947 EUR12.66 L/100km
LPG2015-12-21 08:00:00191046 kilometres403.5 kilometres56.1 litres0.4842 EUR27.1642 EUR13.9 L/100km

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