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make: Renault
model: Megane
full model name: Megane Generation
year: 2015
fuel type: diesel
engine volume: 1461 ccm
engine power: 70 kW
transmission: Manual and number of gears: 6
drive_type: FWD - Front Wheel Drive
body_style: hatchback
track fuel: litres (for gasoline, diesel and LPG) / kilogram (for CNG) / kilowatt (for electric)
odometer: kilometres
vehicle name: Megane
vehicle description:
tank volume: 60 litres
your units:

Total distance: 17072 kilometres
Total volume: 918.5 litres
Average consumption: 5.41 L/100km
Total fuel cost: 985.258 EUR

Fuel typeDateOdometerTripVolumePrice per unitPrice sumConsumption
diesel2016-05-10 18:30:000 kilometres926 kilometres47.27 litres1.029 EUR48.6408 EUR5.1 L/100km
diesel2016-05-02 15:00:0012866 kilometres852 kilometres46.19 litres0.978 EUR45.1738 EUR5.42 L/100km
diesel2016-04-18 16:30:000 kilometres959 kilometres50.25 litres1.02 EUR51.255 EUR5.24 L/100km
diesel2016-04-08 14:00:000 kilometres921 kilometres48.02 litres1.05 EUR50.421 EUR5.21 L/100km
diesel2016-03-21 15:00:000 kilometres929 kilometres46.04 litres1.038 EUR47.7895 EUR4.96 L/100km
diesel2016-03-10 16:00:000 kilometres928 kilometres46.17 litres1 EUR46.17 EUR4.98 L/100km
diesel2016-03-01 17:00:000 kilometres898 kilometres48.79 litres1 EUR48.79 EUR5.43 L/100km
diesel2016-02-15 15:00:000 kilometres1038 kilometres49.45 litres0.978 EUR48.3621 EUR4.76 L/100km
diesel2016-01-27 07:00:000 kilometres846 kilometres44.44 litres0.938 EUR41.6847 EUR5.25 L/100km
diesel2015-12-23 15:00:009542 kilometres918 kilometres50.09 litres1.025 EUR51.3423 EUR5.46 L/100km
diesel2015-12-11 16:00:008623 kilometres891 kilometres44.76 litres1.099 EUR49.1912 EUR5.02 L/100km
diesel2015-12-02 16:00:007732 kilometres750 kilometres43.19 litres1.113 EUR48.0705 EUR5.76 L/100km
diesel2015-11-26 10:00:006982 kilometres755 kilometres42.19 litres1.113 EUR46.9575 EUR5.59 L/100km
diesel2015-11-06 17:30:006228 kilometres855 kilometres45.36 litres1.106 EUR50.1682 EUR5.31 L/100km
diesel2015-10-10 08:30:004607 kilometres926 kilometres51.7 litres1.128 EUR58.3176 EUR5.58 L/100km
diesel2015-09-21 20:00:003680 kilometres687 kilometres40.29 litres1.146 EUR46.1723 EUR5.86 L/100km
diesel2015-09-11 15:30:002993 kilometres606 kilometres36.83 litres1.121 EUR41.2864 EUR6.08 L/100km
diesel2015-08-20 15:00:002387 kilometres830 kilometres48.89 litres1.152 EUR56.3213 EUR5.89 L/100km
diesel2015-07-12 15:30:001557 kilometres884 kilometres50.14 litres1.2246 EUR61.4013 EUR5.67 L/100km
diesel2015-06-12 16:30:00673 kilometres673 kilometres38.44 litres1.242 EUR47.7425 EUR5.71 L/100km

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